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Exciting additions for 2014


ideal proteinMedically Supervised Weight Loss Program

We are excited to be a providing facility for Ideal Protein!! Ideal Protein is a medically supervised weight loss protocol dispensed only through health care practitioners. This program is designed to force your body to burn your stored fat at a rate of Ideal Protein Shake3-7 lbs per week on the average. Join us for one of our upcoming information sessions to see if this might be just what you are looking for to help you be successful with your New Years Resolution to be the healthiest you that you can be.


Please help us welcome Dr. Alex FengDr_Alex_Feng_portrait


Allegany Chiropractic Center is excited to welcome Dr. Alex Feng to the Allegany family. Dr. Feng is a graduate of the University of Bridgeport in Conneticut with a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Masters in Human Nutrition. He recently relocated to Hagerstown with his wife and daughter. When not at the office you will probably find Dr. Feng on a tennis court or cheering on the Manchester United Soccer Club.

We know you all will be as excited as we are to have Dr. Feng as part of our team and that you will join us in making him feel welcome to Allegany Chiropractic Center and to the Hagerstown area. [MORE]


New Service provides objective metabolic lab testing results


It is with great pleasure that our practice has implemented a much needed service to improve the health and speed the recovery of our patients without medication! For over a decade, I have treated thousands of patients with chiropracticphoto (2) and physical therapy procedures, yet rarely have I prescribed nutritional supplementation to aid in treating the conditions of those patients. Much of the reason for this lies in both my undergraduate and doctoral training. In pre-med and chiropractic training, we were taught to look at objective data, such as scientific journals, exams, MRI's, lab tests etc... to formulate a diagnosis and provide the appropriate treatment. For years I wanted to be able to use lab data to customize nutritional recommendations as patients are fed up with taking medications and I didn't feel "trying out" different supplements to see which ones worked based on symptoms was in the best interest of the patient. I am happy to say that we have found the answer to this problem!

Our office is pleased to announce the addition of our Metabolic Lab Testing Service that combines the objective data of in-depth blood work and mineral testing from a local blood lab with a customized, 15 page report of nutritional recommendations and lifestyle changes based on your objective results. This combination takes the "guesswork" out of your health and allows us to only prescribe what our patient truly needs and track progress with follow up testing to see results. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then you may be a great candidate for this program:

O Do you have difficulty losing weight or keeping the weight off?

O Do you feel tired and/or stressed during the day?

O Do you experience pain in your spine, muscles or joints?

O Do you currently take supplements but are unsure if they are working?

O Are you frustrated that you gain weight even if you eat healthy?

O Do you heal slowly or experience chronic pain?

To introduce these services, and because of limited time during regular chiropractic visits, we are extending you 10% discount off your first nutrition consultation! This consult is low-cost way to evaluate your current problems and learn about how this new service can help you feel better and if desired, lose weight fast! Contact our office today at (301) 739-0090 to set up your appointment as spaces are limited each week and this discount is for a limited time only.

When you call for your initial consultation please remember to mention PROMO CODE 10% to insure that you receive a discount off of the initial evaluation fee of $50. You can also earn 10% off of your first supplement order by referring a friend. Just make sure that they also mention PROMO CODE 10%to receive the discount off of their initial visit as well as who referred them to insure that you are able to take advantage of this additional discount.

Yours in Health,

Michael S. DeCriscio, DC, VRS



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Newest additions for 2014 [MORE]

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Do you know how healthy you really are? Metabolic Testing and Nutritional Analysis

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